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Cartigliano: Dedicated to adding value to leather

2015-03-11 11:13:51
Cartigliano is an Italian tanning machine company, leading its way in the technology and research in the field of tannery drying machine. In the Tanning Tech 2015 recently held in Milan, Cartigliano introduced a new vacuum dryer model.
Talking to Mr. Marco Bidoggia of Cartigliano, the journalist from China has the chance to know more about Cartigliano and how does the new vacuum dryer model work.
According to Mr. Marco Bidoggia, this new model is well organizedand configured for better maintenance and operation. With a new type of bump equipped, the oil consumption is reduced from 400 kilos a year to only 1kilo a year, meaning much less discharge to the air than before.
The machine can also dry leather at a degree of 38, similar to the skin temperature of live animal. This could be beneficial to keeping the soft touch of the leather and making leather even softer.
First introduced in APLF, the machine has acquired lots of attention in the tanning industry. Within 18 months, around 54 sets have been sold worldwide, said Mr. Marco Bidoggia.
The major markets of Cartigliano are in Asia, South America and North America. China occupies around 30% of the company’s market share. Some large Chinese tanneries are the loyal customers of Cartigliano.
“With advanced technology and reliable machines, the customers are satisfied with the machines from Cartigliano.” Mr. Marco expressed strong belief on the demand for advanced machines by Chinese leather market.
Cartiglianoworks with customers as a team to find solution for adding value to the leather. With the mission of making leather noble and bring more value, the company dedicated to research and innovation , keeping the leading place in the tannery drying field.