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2nd World Leather Congress in Milan

2015-06-18 12:41:24  The 2nd World Leather Congress, organized by UNIC (Italian Tanners’ Association), is scheduled to be held in Milan on 8th September. As an important event for ideas exchange of global leather industry, delegates from the 37 member countries are expected to attend the Congress.
Industrialists upstream and downstream of supply chain, including tanners, leather items producers, chemical and technology providers, institutions and colleges representatives and organizations, will be called on to give their contribution for the future of leather industry, by providing analysis of the more sensitive issues.
Issues like raw materials supply and quality, specifications and the restrictions in the use of certain chemicals, innovation and technology will be discussed and analyzed in the Congress.
The Council was established in 1926, currently headed by Italian Rino Mastrotto, whose company is headquartered in Trissino (VI) and is one of the top world tannery groups with a work force of over 500 people.