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What should we do for maintenance of handbags ?

2020-03-18 12:24:41
Nowadays, Handbags are essential for women, as a handbags' manufacturer ,we have a lot experience for the maintenance of handbags, here we would like to share some warm tips about how to care  our bags in our daily life, 
1. Wipe the handbag regularly with the same or similar color cream to keep the leather bright and soft, but don’t use the liquid oil.
2.Don’t put the paste directly to the leather when you try to clean the handbag,and it should be put on the fluff or soft fur first.
3.Keep the bag dry and put it in a ventilated place with some moisture-proof beads .
4.Please use a dry cloth to absorb the water from it if the bag gets wet, ,then put it in a cool place. Do not put the wet bag directly under the blistering sunlight or use a blower. It can't be blown beside the cold air, otherwise leather will burst .
5. Putting some wax on the zipper so that can more smooth during using
6.For the metal decoration,you can wipe it with water-frosted paper gently.

For more tips, pls pay more attention to our website, we will keep updating more.